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Estate Planning, Wills and Trusts.

Your peace of mind is the goal when we work together to plan your estate.  This means knowing that your property will be distributed according to your wishes.

We use sophisticated estate planning techniques to reduce or eliminate where possible, the tax and administrative expenses your heirs will incur at your death.  However, we realize that taxes and expenses are not the only important factors to consider when making planning recommendations to our clients.  Our estate planning services include:

Simple Wills       Wills with Trusts        Living Wills        Living Trusts

Insurance Trusts      Charitable Trusts     Family Limited Partnerships

Powers of Attorney      Buy-Sell Agreements       Marital Agreements

Medicaid Planning.

Advances in medical science have dramatically extended life expectancy.  Many families now face the crushing financial burden of nursing home expenses, and Medicaid if often the only government program providing benefits for these expenses.  We can help you or your family members qualify for Medicaid ICP (Nursing Home) benefits.  Our services include analysis of assets and income, gift and trust programs, and representation of clients before the Florida Department of Children and Families (DCF).  We also advise our clients on  alternatives to Medicaid, and the use of wills, Qualified Income Trusts, Special Needs Trusts, and Durable Powers of Attorney in Medicaid Planning.

Estate and Trust Administration.

We provide legal advice and representation in the settling of estates.  Our services include assisting those persons who seek appointment as Personal Representatives, and those persons who are estate beneficiaries or creditors. We provide similar legal assistance to persons who are trustees or beneficiaries of trusts..

Will Contests and Probate or Trust Litigation.

Occasionally, a disappointed heir contests a will, trust or gift.  Or, other disputes arise concerning the administration of an estate or trust.  In such situations are often referred to as "probate litigation", and we provide legal representation to the persons involved in this kind of litigation.


The court is often asked to determine if persons are incapacitated, and to establish a court-supervised administration of the personal and financial affairs of such incapacitated persons.  This process is known as "guardianship."  We provide legal representation and advice concerning these proceedings, including the representation of persons who are appointed guardians so that such guardians may properly carry out their legal duties.

Tax Matters.

Complex tax laws are a reality.  We can provide advice and planning for personal and business taxes affecting our clients.  Our tax services include representation of taxpayers before the Internal Revenue Service, the United States Tax Court, and the Florida Department of Revenue.

Real Estate Transactions.

We represent persons who are buying or selling residential or commercial real estate.  We also assist our clients in refinancing residential and commercial mortgages.

Business and Corporate Law and Litigation.

Do you plan to start your own business or do you currently own a business?  We assist our clients in forming their own business,   Through our Estate Planning Practice, we also advise clients on how to successfully pass on their family business to the next generation.  Our firm can help you form these kinds of business entities:

Corporations            General Partnerships                Limited Partnerships.

Limited Liability Companies                         Limited Liability Partnerships

More importantly, we can advise your business on the business and tax advantages of these different kinds of entities so that you can choose the one that best fits your objectives.

As part of our business litigation practice, we assist our clients in collecting money owed on account.

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